Hope for a Good Cause

Imagine having to see your little sister go through chemotherapy at the age of three years old. Her smile is the only thing lighting up the dark rooms of the hospital’s dark hallways and loud machines. This was what Brett Kast had to witness in 2005, as his sister, Jenna Kast, went through chemotherapy at such a young age.

So he decided he was going to do something to change the cancer experience for young children. He had to make some big moves in order to make some kind of impacting change. So he teamed up with his friend J.D. Sterba to create the Believe in Miracles Foundation. Their mission was to enrich the lives of Michigan children suffering from life-threatening medical conditions by buying gifts. They also hoped to bring joy and hope to their lives. The boys knew they wanted to give a trophy to all the children as well when they received their gifts. This showed them being rewarded for their courageous fight against cancer.

Brett became dedicated to helping children and gathering support. His first venture to make these miracles happen was to design and sell wristbands to raise money to buy the first gift for someone going through cancer. They began selling them in various locations and spread their mission. After gaining positive interests from many people within their community, the foundation has only grew bigger.

Since the 2005 start of the Believe in Miracles Foundation, dozens of children have been given gifts to help in the aid of their battle with cancer. These gifts typically cost around $2,500 and help put a smile on the child’s face. The trophies are given to many children as well, either with or without a gift. Gifts in the past have included Troy, a 15 year-old fighting cancer, being able to meet the Detroit Lions for the day. The Lions even ended up gifting Troy with a wheel chair van for the family. Katlynn, a 20 year-old battling cancer received an I-pad to help her stay busy during treatments and have something fun to play around with. Collin, 17 years-old, was flown down on a private plane to go meet his favorite Green Bay Packer players and was even invited to dinner with them after.

Jenna passed away  on July 4,2010 after her battle with cancer, but her legacy remains through the Believe in Miracles Foundation. Brett Kast and J.D. Sterba have been able to keep her memory alive by telling everyone her story and making sure her story is why they still stay true to their focus.

CMU Greeks were able to raise over $22,000 in one week for the Jenna Kast Believe in Miracles Foundation. This amount funds over a handful of recipients and helps their dreams come true. The Greek community was able to do this through a variety of ways during the week. Penny wars, donations, event tickets, and mock rock tickets all contributed to this amazing number. The Jenna Kast Believe in Miracles Foundation expressed their thanks during Mock Rock and have thanked the Greek Community.