Hot or Not: Leggings

Girls love being comfortable yet fashionable at the same time. On college campuses, this holds to be especially true. One way many girls have found to master this is by wearing leggings.

The stretchy material makes them more comfortable than jeans and the tightness makes them not look so “sloppy.” Girls on campus wear them with everything from sweaters to sweatshirts to T-shirts. They are a staple in every girls wardrobe.

But are guys as into this trend as much as girls are?

“I’m completely indifferent to them,” said Dan Broccolo, a sophomore from Illinois.

“My opinion is that they are tempting for guys,” said Kris Lawrence, a junior from Washington.

“They are a nice fashion thing to do but I’m not the one to ask about fashion,” said Jeff Goncer, a sophomore from Mount Pleasant.

“They need to be conscious of how they wear them,” said Zach Foote, a sophomore from Mount Pleasant.

“I think they are fine. If I were a girl, wearing a skirt would be very open, so I would wear it. I understand why they wear them,” said Matt Strandskov, a sophomore from Mount Pleasant.

“Personally, I’m not a fan,” said Nick Armes, a senior from Livonia.  “Maybe if girls wore a longer shirt to cover their butts, it’d be a different story. But when you’re walking to class and there’s a girl in front of you and you can read what her underwear says through her leggings? Classy with a k, indeed.”

“I think they are an unfair double standard,” said Mick Preston, a sophomore from Mason. “I hear they are incredibly comfortable. I think until women can handle the image of a man in leggings, they shouldn’t wear them either.”

“Yes, of course I like leggings,” said Tyler Brown, a senior from Grand Haven. “I like when girls (wear them) because certain features are greatly accentuated. You know it may be the single greatest article of clothing ever created, right?”

Verdict: Girls keep wearing leggings, just be more conscious on what you are wearing them with.