How To: Go From Hungover to Hot

Whether you had a bottle of wine to yourself or five shots of Fireball, your daily beauty routine should not be the same after a night out.

None of us are looking our best the morning after a long night of drinking, so whether you’re going to class or work – try these style tips below to start fending off your hangover.

Water, water, water!

You’re going to be very dehydrated and your mouth is going to be dry when you wake up – there’s no escaping it. Drink some water and then head straight to the bathroom to brush your teeth. If you have time for a shower, take one.

Start with hot water to open your pores, then cool it down a bit to wake yourself up and make you slightly more alert. This is also a good time to wash your face. If you don’t have time for a shower, wash your face in the sink and try using some dry antiperspirant spray all over your body. This will help conceal the smell of alcohol that often seeps from your pores after drinking.

Get rid of that puffiness

After your face is washed, massage some lotion or night cream onto your face – this will help to get the circulation flowing. Your face may also be a little puffy around your eyes due to lack of sleep. Try using a cooling face mask to relieve the swelling and then go for an instant eye gel to disperse built up fluid. Also, consider putting eye drops in to get rid of any redness or itching.


To hide any discoloration in your face, use a yellow or green tinted primer. These tones are the opposite of red, so they work really well when trying to hide pimples or alcohol-induced blood vessels.

Next, use a color correcting, or “CC” cream to help even out your skin and hide any small blemishes you may have missed. Unlike the primer, use this CC cream all over your face. You can even use a blemish balm, called “BB” cream, if you have that instead.

Tame your mane

If you skipped the shower, go for a dry shampoo. This type of shampoo allows you to get rid of the grime and oil without having to actually get your hair wet. Baby powder also does wonders for greasy, untamable hair, so if you have some on hand, it’s a great alternative. If you don’t have a dry shampoo, try putting your hair into a cute side braid or giving it a slight curl to avoid a grungy look.

Final touches

You are almost ready to head out the door. Apply some lip balm, blush and mascara (on the upper lashes only) and you’ll be ready to take on the day – or at least look the part.