How to Maintain Your New Year’s Health Resolutions

Story by Lexi Carter
Photo Courtesy of Flickr

Every year is the same: an abundance of people make resolutions for the new year in hopes of becoming more healthy and changing their lifestyle, but seem to fall short when it really comes down to maintaining all the plans they had for themselves.

According to U.S. News, around 60 percent of people make New Year’s resolutions, but only about 8 percent actually keep them. However, keeping a New Year’s resolution to live a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be difficult, and if done right, shouldn’t be too difficult to accomplish. With some real effort and conscious decisions, the path to a living a healthier lifestyle isn’t too far off.

Resolution 1: Be healthy.
First things first, while being healthy is a great resolution to have, it’s important to narrow down what health really means to you because being healthy can include a plethora of things. Does it mean your going to have a healthy diet? Or does it mean you’re going to go for a run everyday? 

Try to move away from the general umbrella to focus on actual resolutions where you’ll be able to track your progress. Once you figure that out, figuring out the next steps shouldn’t be too difficult.

Resolution 2: Go to the gym.
Yes, this is totally attainable, especially with the abundance of accommodations that are given at CMU for working out. Make sure it’s a goal that you are actually able to achieve. Sure, going to the gym every single day sounds like a good idea in the beginning, but it doesn’t always end up that way.

If it’s your first time working out in awhile, or ever, there’s a chance every single day might seem a little daunting. If this is you, try setting a schedule to work out a few times a week. If you’re going to the gym three times a week, you’re still meeting your goal while staying healthy. Who knows, maybe you’ll start working out everyday!

If you’re in the dorms, the fitness rooms are only a short walk away, and for all students the Student Activity Center is available. Take advantage of what is offered and this resolution will be easy to keep.

Resolution 3: Keep a healthy diet.
As a college student, this can be really difficult sometimes. So often we are on the go and fast food may be easier.

To start the healthy diet off strong, figure out the meal plan that is going to work best for you. For some, the healthy diet is no longer eating meat or cutting out gluten. But, if you’re looking for something that may be more manageable for you, start by preparing healthy meals.

This doesn’t mean you have to eat brussels sprouts forever, but instead, find meals and recipes that you like to eat. If you’re eating something healthy that you actually like, your chances of keeping the resolution will be so much higher. Do your research and take time to find the healthy foods that belong in your fridge.

If you’re in the dorms, don’t worry! There are options for you, as well. Using the campus dining website, you can view the menu options and see the nutrition information about all of the food offered.

The point? Don’t bite off more than you can chew. Having a New Year’s resolution is supposed to be something that is maintainable so you can look back in a couple months and be proud of the accomplishments you’ve made. This year, try reframing your resolutions to make them more manageable.