Look Book: Dress To Impress

Students show what business professional attire looks like and why you should go to all interviews this way.

Rachel Walcott (Flushing, MI) is a business student. She said due to her major, she’s used to this attire.

“Wearing this attire gets you compliments. These compliments make you feel more confident about going in to the interview. You look good, you’re presentable, and the employer will look at you with respect, at a professional level, and not just another student.”

Taylor Renick (Muskegon, MI) said she always dresses up for interviews.

“When I got compliments for an interview, it made me feel more confident about the interview. It felt that I would have a higher chance of being hired for the position.”

Karli Clausen (Menominee, MI) said it’s important to dress up for an interview because it will leave a better and or longer lasting impression.

“Dressing up not only gives the individual to have more confidence going in, but shows that he/she cares. If one puts time into their appearance, they will probably put time into their work.”


To show the male example of a business professional attire, photography staff member, Tristan Hagenstein (Lake Fenton, MI) sports a classic black blazer, collared shirt, and patterned tie with a full windsor knot.