Makeup Monday: Lip Care Tips

With cooler temperatures comes dehydrated, chapped lips.

While lip care is sometimes overlooked, chapped lips are a total beauty bust during cold weather. Some might think Chapstick is the only lip care solution, but we have additional tips to keeping your lips looking and feeling their best.

Lip Balm

Carrying a stick or tube in your backpack or purse to dab on throughout the day is convenient and will help keep your lips smooth and hydrated. Most lip balms come in different colors and flavors, providing you with a variety to choose from.

Wear lipstick during the day? Try applying lip balm before bed each night, so that your lips are prepped and ready to go in the morning.

Lip Scrubs

Treat your lips to some exfoliation to avoid dry, dead skin.

Whether you buy it from the store or make it from products in your kitchen cabinet, this a simple fix for rough lips. Rub the product on your lips, dab off with a warm cloth and your lips are instantly nourished. This little pampering trick goes a long way for the health of your lovely lips.


Drinking around eight glasses of water a day not only keeps your mind and body healthy, but it also keeps lips and skin moisturized. Pack a water bottle before heading out to class and refill it throughout the day so you receive the many benefits of the beverage.

Moisturizing Lipsticks

Though lipsticks tend to draw attention to flaky, chapped lips, using a moisturizing lipstick is the perfect answer for those who still need their pop of color. Lipsticks that contain coconut oil, shea butter or vitamin C are great for hydration.