Modest is Hottest: Your guide to tasteful Halloween costumes

Halloween is upon us.

The holiday-of-holidays is right around the corner, and like the fashionista you are, you’ve already started planning a swoon-inducing costume. Looking the part is totally acceptable — after all, it is a night that honors fantasy, but leaving the house in an outfit that could get you arrested for public indecency? Not so much.

On this night in particular, what you don’t show can leave much more of an impression than what you do. Girls with half a shirt, and skirts that double as Band-Aids are a dime-a-dozen on Halloween.  Set yourself apart by being a little more treat and a little less trick.

Sexy does not have to mean baring your midriff and wearing heels that look more pole-worthy than posh. Leaving a little to the imagination is the name of the game. Here are a few cardinal rules that won’t land you in the Halloween Hall-of-Shame:

  1. Skip the Dip. Showing your girls love is A-OK, but that doesn’t mean you have to show them to the guy from 2B and his merry band of buddies. A little cleavage goes a long way. Don’t over-do it.

  2. Drop the Crop. Crop tops have made an unfortunate comeback. However, it’s still best to avoid them if you’re not planning on wearing a high-waisted piece on bottom. Showing off your tummy can come off a smidge desperate. A top that hugs your curves can look just as cute and twice as classy.

  3. Cover the Cheeks. Skirts and tutus are costume staples. If yours is on the short side, pair it with tights as long as it doesn’t ruin the look. If that won’t work, make sure to at least wear a pair of shorts underneath. No one wants a wardrobe malfunction. Have your Janet Jackson moment elsewhere.

Cute and cheeky will get you much farther on Halloween than sleazy ever will (no matter what Ke$ha has to say about it). If you’re still looking for ideas, there are a ton of great examples out there. This Pinterest page is the perfect place to start. Take your costume to a new level of sass and class with these tricks and your look is sure to treat this Halloween weekend.