Obama Nation or Obamination?

Since the president’s election in 2008, critics have challenged Barack Obama’s ability to follow through.

Many claim that the inherited struggles of the Obama administration have slowed progress. Supporters believe the president has had less than adequate time to deliver a polished nation.

Obama’s strong start was influenced by the outrage toward the Bush administration’s inability to resolve America’s most important issues. This, along with fantastic speeches and advertising, made way for Obama’s victory at the polls.

Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll shows a dynamic difference between emotions during Obama’s election and the way people are feeling today.

Overall, Rasmussen reports that about 45 percent of Americans in some way approve of the President’s actions, while 55 percent disagree.

According to the same national poll, 26 percent of pro-Obama Americans strongly approve the President’s tactics, and ability to produce. However, 42 percent of disagreeing citizens strongly disagree (polling information as of Nov. 5, 2010).

What has caused this serious shift in opinion? Why has the nation begun to doubt such a hopeful leader?

These questions can be answered by sampling information from our communities.

This included video poll gives a true idea of what Mid-Michigan community members are thinking. Feel free to let your voice be heard by commenting at the bottom of this page.