Outstanding Greek of the Week: Breana Boyer


The following Outstanding Greek of the Week is a part of an ongoing weekly column focusing on Greek Organization members who are doing good things around campus and the community.

Outstanding Greek of the Week: 

Breana Boyer, ΣΣΣ


Going Greek isn’t for everyone. When students start college, they have many things to get adjusted to and become familiar with. Oftentimes, joining a sorority or fraternity isn’t something they even think about. Breana Boyer, a member of Sigma Sigma Sigma, never considered joining a sorority upon arriving at CMU.

Boyer did not plan on going Greek until freshman year when her roommate asked her to go through recruitment in the fall of 2008 so they could talk about the experience together. During the process, Boyer was instantly drawn to Sigma Sigma Sigma.

“Sigma Sigma Sigma kept my interest by showing me that even though each sister is different from one another, they love each other for who they are and stand for similar ideals: friendship, character, conduct,” Boyer said. “I chose to accept my bid to Sigma Sigma Sigma because they are a sorority who constantly tries to better themselves.”

Boyer saw joining Sigma Sigma Sigma as a way to make great friends who she could call her family.

“There is quote that often reminds me of my sisters: ‘As steel sharpens steel, so does one person sharpen another,’ ” Boyer said. “I was initially drawn to the sorority because of the sisterhood they had; I wanted to be as close as family.”

In her sorority, Boyer has held the positions of student government association representative, inspirations chair and fundraising chair. She is currently Sigma Sigma Sigma’s parliamentarian, making sure the bylaws are up to date and the chapter is following them accordingly.

Boyer is the all-Greek judicial board chief justice and a member of Order of Omega (a co-ed honorary society). She also serves as the Leadership Safari staff assistant and is a volunteer for the Special Olympics. Previously, she was the president of the Student Council for Exceptional Children and a Leadership Safari guide. Boyer sits on a national committee that explores character education for Sigma Sigma Sigma. This past summer, Boyer traveled to Chicago to help design and implement an educational program with the national committee.

“I learned that it’s about embracing a connection bigger than yourself to help sisters who have dedicated themselves to helping you as well,” Boyer said. “I met a lot of alumna and they made it clear to me that you are not a sorority woman for one month, one year or even four years; you have made a lifetime commitment to these women, and you are expected to carry it out.”

As the All-Greek Judicial Board Chief Justice, Boyer meets with the male Chief Justice, Tristan Nelson, on a weekly basis to investigate possible cases before they are presented to the justices. The All-Greek Judicial Board works as a governing body for fraternity and sorority life, making sure the standards they keep for themselves are upheld.

“We create policies for a reason and when they are broken, we, as Greeks, want to hold each other accountable for our actions,” Boyer said. “This separates us from other RSOs because we collectively want to better ourselves and make sure we do it.”

Boyer is majoring in Commercial Recreation with minors in Event Management, Hospitality, Leadership and Coaching. She has future career goals of working for an international company and planning conventions and conferences.

“I want to travel and experience events from many different cultures,” Boyer said. “I’m also interested in working on international special events.”

For never wanting to go Greek before coming to college, Boyer has definitely gotten a lot out of being in a sorority. She has made lifelong bonds with her sisters and learned some very important life lessons. Boyer says that one of the most unforgettable things about joining Sigma Sigma Sigma is the relationship she has created with her big, Alissa.

“Alissa decided to study abroad for an entire year,” Boyer said. “I thought that our relationship may not grow due to the distance; I was wrong. Over that year, we grew closer than most people I know. Because of our limited time to talk, we had much more valuable conversation. We talked about life and people and our dreams, creating a bond as close as blood sisters. She’s the person I want to be and my best friend.”

Boyer is close with her big as well as with her entire sorority. Sigma Sigma Sigma has taught Boyer things that some people never learn in their entire lives; the importance of happiness.

“My sisters taught me that if I’m happy, the world around me will be happy because your attitude can inspire those around you,” Boyer said. “In Sigma, I believe most of my sisters, if not all, thrive on the small things. It’s not about what positions you can hold or the recognition you get for doing something good. To us, it’s about being there for the small victories and enjoying them for what they are.”