The Second Annual AMD 545 Hallway Fashion Show

Models struted and transformed Wightman hallway into a fashion runway Tuesday Nov. 15 showcasing designs by AMD 545 apparel draping students.

Dr. Su An poses with her students and their models after the AMD 545 (Introduction to Draping Design) Hallway Fashion show in Wightman Hall on Nov. 15, 2011. Ken Kadwell | Special contributor to

Apparel faculty and students lined the walls as the Wightman hallway transformed into a fashion runway. Designers and models anxiously anticipated on-looker reactions as they watched from open windows as garments were showcased.

The AMD 545 introduction to draping design class held its second Hallway Fashion Show on Tuesday, Nov. 15 at 4 p.m.

Eight students designed four looks including pleated and gathered garments, a tunic, a recycled garment and a historical garment based on movies including  “Pride and Prejudice,” “The Other Boleyn Girl,” and “Queen Elizabeth.”

This is the second year that Dr. Su An has taught the apparel draping class and had a fashion show. The course is based on teaching students 3-D designs using mannequins and draping techniques, a design style seen on the Lifetime hit show “Project Runway.” The course is not part of the core design curriculum, but students take it to better their design skills and knowledge.

Apparel merchandising and design professor and THREADS adviser Carole Beard said that draping is better for students who envision and see three dimensionally versus those who prefer the mathematical approach of flat patterning techniques.

Beard was impressed by the “fun fabrication” and the mixture of conceptual and marketable garments.

“Sometimes you design without an intended market,” Beard said. “There were a lot more concept pieces.”

Beard’s favorite piece of the show was Jason Gagnon’s 1300s French armor inspired jacket with a stand-up collar bubbled bottom and studded shoulders. Beard thought the design was creative, easily marketable and sellable.

“It was just absolutely astounding,” Beard said. “I thought it was well executed and it was a good interpretation.”

Troy senior Daniela Agnello kept her THREADS Fashion Show theme of Roman military in mind when making all of her garments. After her study abroad trip to Paris in summer 2009, Agnello visited her roots in Italy and did a tour of the country.

“At the Colosseum, I took a picture of the example uniform. That’s where I got the inspiration,” said Agnello.

She described her favorite and fourth look for the show to have “super hero colors” of gold and red. She likes how the design stands out with the gold trimmed panels, gold detail woven belt and uneven hemline.

“I think it went well. My dresses fit fairly well on the models, so I was happy with that.”

Graduate student Lauren Goeller-ness thought the show went really well and she liked watching her models and her designs. Goeller-ness enjoys the draping class and suggests that designs students should enroll.

“I think it should be required because it is essential,” said Goeller-ness. “I have heard from a lot of alumni that taking draping is essential for the fashion industry.”

Currently students are working on their fifth and final garment for the class. The theme and inspiration is business casual meets action, in which garments will be entered into a design contest this upcoming spring.


AMD 545 Hallway Fashion Show from Ryan Nielsen on Vimeo.