Parker, the New Library Social Media Campaign

Story by Bianca Jenkins

 While our library is full of hundreds of books, there is currently a furry friend that has been hanging around. This furry friend is a small stuffed dog for CMU’s new library social media campaign. On the library’s twitter, @CMU_libraries pictures are posted of this cute little dog around the library have been with fun facts, the campaign is #ParkerAdventures.

This new campaign is unique, and to get an insight on what it is all about, Grand Central went in and asked library staff about it.

The stuffed dog’s name is Parker, named after Park Library. The reason that they picked a dog was because of the stress dogs that students might see hanging out around the library during finals week. Parker is a way to inform students about things that happen in the library and the resources it has. This is a fun campaign that is going on during finals to help share facts, and ways to de-stress with the library.

Laura Thompson, Reference Librarian who helps with these library promotions says,“I am an advisor for the Library Ambassadors, a group of student volunteers who promote library services and resources, who have helped with some of the Parker content on the library’s social media and website. The library has asked the Ambassadors for ideas in using Parker on social media to help promote the library, and that is where the idea for Parker Adventures originated.”

Next time you are on Twitter, check out @CMU_libraries, and be sure to keep a look out for Parker next time you are studying.