Playlist: Songs For The Semester

Story by Katie Sergent 

Graphic by Abbey Bradberry 

Still feeling those end of summer blues? Need a little pick-me-up for classes? Then you’ve come to the right place. We’re lining up our top songs for the semester that are sure to make you fired up about the school year.

  1. “High Hopes”

If you’re a new student at CMU or even graduating soon, this is the song for you! Performed by Panic! At The Disco, “High Hopes” sends the message of never giving up and believing in yourself. So just follow those messages and you’re sure to make it through this semester.

  1. “Happier”

Feeling stressed about this semester? Then this song is guaranteed to make you happier. This song performed by Marshmello and Bastille is sure to make you feel better with its electro-pop beats and overall message of, “I want you to be happier.” If you need a song to release your stresses, then take a listen to “Happier”.

  1. “Glorious”

Performed by Macklemore and Skylar Gray, “Glorious” sends the message of starting fresh and chasing your dreams. If you’re struggling with finding what you love or are new to campus, this song goes out to you.

  1. “ME! (Featuring Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco)”

Between large class sizes, tons of RSOs and approximately twenty thousand people on campus, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Performed by Taylor Swift and Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco, “ME!” expresses how you are amazing just the way you are. So get out there and be your amazing self because there is nothing better than just being you.

  1. “Just The Way You Are”

If you ever need a confidence boost, take a listen to this song. Performed by Bruno Mars, “Just The Way You Are” expresses how amazing you are by just being yourself. If you feel out of place, or need a quick pick-me-up, then this song goes out to you.

  1. “Thunder”

Take a listen to this song dedicated to your journey so far at CMU. Performed by Imagine Dragons, “Thunder” sends the message of following your passion, ignoring negative influences, and going for what you want. Be sure to add this to your playlist if you need a thunderous boost of energy to make it through this semester.

  1. “7 Rings”

Whether you need a song to go out or you’re feeling good about yourself, this is the song for you. Performed by Ariana Grande, “7 Rings” is the ultimate song for feeling good despite what has happened in your life. Listen to this song if you need to jam out to while you and your friends are getting ready for a night on the town.

  1. “Hey Look Ma, I Made It”

Are you a future graduate of CMU? Need a song to make you even more excited for graduation? Performed by Panic! At The Disco, “Hey Look Ma, I Made It” sends the message of how never giving up and accomplishing your goals can make your dreams a reality. So if you are gonna be graduating soon, add this to your playlist.

That’s it for our songs of the semester playlist. Know a song that we missed on our list? Let us know in the comments.