Poshmark app allows user to shop, sell items from closet

Ever wish you could raid your friends closet at anytime or anyplace? Now you can – thanks to the new app, Poshmark.

Poshmark gives users the ability to shop, buy and sell straight from their phone with ease. With the fashion world becoming more targeted toward consumer-to-consumer sales with sites like Etsy and Pinterest, Poshmark is the latest innovation in this trend.

Poshmark is the perfect evolution of the two sites, combining the easy navigation of Pinterest with the ability to list and sale that Etsy gives you.

The site is divided into a feed that shows you recent items on sale and items based on your past searches. These searches are determined by category or brand. You also have a place to post items that you would like to sell.

This app is perfect for college fashionistas on a budget looking to update their looks with designer pieces at low prices and for those looking to get rid of some lightly used pieces for some extra cash.

Poshmark makes it easy to post items for sales with just a few clicks. After taking pictures of the items you are looking to sell, create a “covershot” to get the attention of other shoppers, then list the size and price.

To buy an item just simply hit the blue “buy now” button and enter your billing information and submit your order.

Poshmark also protects its customers with the “Posh Protect,” which promises full refund if you never receive the merchandise or if the product is not as described. The application also includes convenient features such as posh parties, which highlight specific deals and brands for sale.

Poshmark is a one-stop-shop right at your fingertips allowing you to connect and share your love of fashion and style with those around you. You’re only a download away from making some extra cash or finding the missing piece to add to your closet.