Say Goodbye to Winter Blues and Hello to Winter Beers

As seasons change, our moods often shift and so do our cravings. Living in the great four-season state of Michigan, these transitions are easier said than done.

But in an effort to aid the seasonal changes, the always dependable beer companies lift us up with their spirits, their seasonal beers.

And, thanks to our pals, Samuel Adams, Jacob Leinenkugel and Bell’s Brewery, the seasonal winter beers have indeed been released – bringing us all comfort, once again.

If you have a case of those winter-time blues, stop at a local bar or store and satisfy that seasonal craving with one of our cold weather favorites.

Sam Adams:

  • Winter Lager

    This beer is a satisfying sip of winter.It’s rich, bold and filled with spices. Winter Lager is brewed with popular winter produces such as orange peel, cinnamon and ginger.
  • Cold SnapIf you’re dying for a taste of spring this winter, try this brew.This beer will brighten any dreary winter day with its light and crisp taste. Cold Snap is a Belgian-style white ale with golden wheat and a blend of fruits, flowers and spices.


  • Snowdrift Vanilla PorterThis is a smooth and creamy beer made just for the winter season.The Snowdrift Vanilla Porter has hints of cocoa, coffee and caramel. It contains roasted malts and real vanilla.If you are looking for a porter with a slight vanilla taste, try this one.
  • Winter’s BiteA cocoa spice black lager, blended with roasted malts and seasonal spices, this beer is said to take the bite out of winter, especially when it gets too cold.


  • Winter White AleThis not-so-dark traditional winter beer, will lighten you up during the winter. This beer is on the light side, following a Belgian-style white ale flavor.It is fermented with a Belgian ale yeast, and a blend of barley and wheat malts. Without any spices, the beer still holds a mixture of cloves and fruity aromas.