Smoothie Bowls: A Breakfast That’s Both Tasty and Insta-Worthy

As the weather heats up, the campus is becoming more lively and college kids are finally thriving again. So, why not liven up your breakfast as well?

Now is the perfect time to trade in your basic cereal or hot oatmeal for a new kind of breakfast – the smoothie bowl.

Packed with nutrient-dense ingredients like fruits and nuts, smoothie bowls can provide the energy you need to get you through these last couple weeks of the semester.

Not to mention, they are super easy to put together and make a great Instagram post.

Why Smoothie Bowls?

Now you’re probably thinking, “What’s the difference between a regular smoothie and a smoothie bowl?”

And no the answer isn’t “the bowl.” The secret is all in the texture.

Smoothie bowls are actually thicker in consistency compared to a regular smoothie, and they’re topped with fresh whole ingredients.

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to take advantage of the fresh and flavorful produce in the markets, and smoothies have always been a classic summer beverage that does just that. But, now you can enjoy them in the form of a meal.

Add some chocolate to make a dessert smoothie bowl, or some spinach for an energy boost between classes. They are truly yours to do with what you will.

This meal is a great way to utilize all of the flavors you love. With a little adjusting and experimenting you are sure to find many favorite combinations.

Here’s how to construct your own smoothie bowl:

Use a blender to blend together all of your ingredients except for your toppings. Don’t blend for too long or puree your smoothie, because it will become too runny to eat in a bowl.

The key to a smoothie bowl is the thick, creamy texture.

The Thickening Agent

The first ingredient for a smoothie bowl is what gives it that unique consistency. Yogurt works especially well, however you can try other ingredients such as avocado, or any kind of nut butter.

Chia seeds also work great because they help absorb some of the liquid.

You should only need a couple tablespoons of whatever thickener of you’re using.

The Liquid

You can add flavor to your smoothie bowl by adding things like fruit juice, milk or coconut water.

Use these wet ingredients sparingly because they will thin out your smoothie bowl, making it harder to eat with a spoon, so use 1/3 cup of one of these ingredients for a standard size smoothie bowl.


Now this is the fun part. You can add any of your favorite fruits to make delicious combinations.

Fresh fruit is always an option, but a helpful tip is to use frozen fruit. Frozen fruit will help boost the thickness of your smoothie bowl, especially bananas. It will help make your smoothie bowl thick and creamy – like ice cream!

Add at least one cup of your favorite fruits.


Adding greens to your smoothie bowl is completely optional, although if done right, the taste should be masked by your choice of fruits.

To make your smoothie bowl healthier, add ingredients like avocados, spinach, peas or kale.

If you’re a real veggie lover, try adding cucumbers or carrot juice.


There are no limits when it comes to smoothie bowls, so if you think a certain ingredient will enhance the flavor or texture of your smoothie bowl, go for it!

Try adding things like maple syrup, honey, vanilla or agave syrup.


Now, here’s where your artistic skills come in.

Make your smoothie bowl look like a masterpiece with creative toppings. You can use anything from freshly sliced or dried fruits, to nuts and seeds.

Berries, dry cereal, coconut and granola are also great options. Don’t be afraid to try new things until you find a combination you love.