Spring forward in fashion

Pack away those dark winter duds, and spring forward. Two central fashion students share their excitement for the vibrant pastel filled season of fashion.

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Beautiful weather is not the only thing this spring has to offer. As the new season approaches, we will begin to see an exciting shift in fashion trends, bringing with it a fresh new wardrobe. It is safe to say you can start rearranging your closets to set aside some room for this season’s must-haves. Trust me — you will not feel guilty storing away all of those dark winter colors with the variety of soft pastel colors in store.

Some of Central Michigan University’s biggest fashionistas and fashion merchandising majors Alex Mauro and Jane Trombly give us the best fashion advice for this upcoming spring. After getting the inside scoop on what to expect, I am confident that we can rock the trends better than the runways.

Let’s get straight to the point. What were the favorite trends from the spring 2012 runways? Fashion expert Alex Mauro shares with us her excitement for the new colors ahead of us.

“My favorite trend on the runway for spring 2012 was the new pastels,” Mauro said.  “There were some stunning pastel greens, corals and mint. Ellie Saab absolutely nailed it this season and used the pastels perfectly. It was my favorite collection.”

Another fashion expert, Jane Trombly, seems to share the same excitement.

“3.1 Phillip Lim was by far my favorite designer of spring 2012. He does a lot of color blocking with lilac and cream-sicle, which I never would have thought of combining,” Trombly said.

Between lilac, coral, and mint, I hope you are all color savvy and ready to experiment with these new amazing combinations!  Yes, of course these are all fantastic colors, but I am sure you are still wondering, how exactly can they be worn?

Mauro’s styling tips will help us master the pastel color blocking trend and leave us feeling vibrant.

“I’m most looking forward to trying out garments in orange; it’s definitely the biggest color for this year’s season,” Mauro said. “I believe it looks the best when you combine it with different shades of pink or various shades of orange, I can’t wait to try it out! It will really stand out this spring.”

I am positive that this “color talk” has inspired you to already step aside and hide all of your winter clothing evidence — and I don’t blame you. However, the most important question still remains: What are the season’s must haves? Mauro and Trombly have made it very clear of the particular pieces that should be consuming our closet space this season.

Trombly may become everyone’s new best friend after she suggests the styling tip we have all been waiting for.

“Chunky wedge sandals are a must this season. I am so excited for this trend because I’m sick of my feet hurting from those toothpick heels!”

I think this is an exception we all can make, right?

Of course when we think of spring fashion, we instantly turn toward cute sundresses and bubbly skirts, but this season has a lot more creativity to offer. One of the seasons “must haves” is quite daring, but Mauro still recommends it as a key piece for everyone. Skirts this season have been taken to a new level, with what is known as a “mullet skirt.” “The name doesn’t sound very appealing, but the look is incredible.

“Having the skirt short in the front and long in the back is such a simple way to make your legs look ten times longer,” Mauro said.

Try pairing your mullet skirt with a plain white V-neck and some long necklaces to attain Mauro’s complete look!

Now that we are all staring at our closets and waiting for the spring fashion items to take over, we have a lot to look forward to!  All of the creative styling tips from Mauro and Trombly make spring fashion seem so attainable. This season’s fresh air is not the only thing that will leave us feeling revived and radiant.