Student Style Spotlight: Grunge with Zoe Lewis

Many young college women seek to find something that will set them apart from everyone else. Whether it’s a hobby they enjoy or a talent they have, every person is unique in some way.

For Oxford freshman Zoe Lewis, it’s a unique style that sets her apart from everyone else.

“I would describe my style as casual grunge,” Lewis said. “I like to wear a lot of black clothing. I’m not really the girly-girl type.”

The trend for leggings has made a huge come back in the past few years. Many people choose to pair their leggings with neutral-colored shirts, layers and tunics. For Lewis, leggings pair best with flannels and beanies, or cardigans and sweaters, combined with a lot of necklaces, bracelets and rings.

“It’s funny, I either dress like a hippie or grunge-like – there’s really no in between,” Lewis said. “I really don’t have a specific person that inspires my style. What inspires my style is the music I listen to and the culture of that type. I listen to every genre but my two favorite music genres are rock/punk and alternative/edm.”

Living in Michigan means Lewis gets to experience every season, and with every season comes a new type of wardrobe.

For most college women, this means exchanging sweaters for tank tops and combat boots for sandals when summertime arrives. The hardest part is that last summer’s trends most likely will be different than the upcoming summer, and that means it’s time to buy new clothes.

“Although I love sweaters, my favorite season to dress for is probably summer because it’s my favorite season (overall),” Lewis said. “I love wearing shorts and tank tops with tons of jewelry. That’s also when a lot of music festivals are and I love putting together outfits for those.”

There can be many things that inspire style. For Lewis, it’s the type of music she listens to. For other people it can be the trends they see during fashion week with top name designers, or as simple as someone they see walking down the street.

To see more of Lewis’ looks, follow her on Instagram at @zoeariel_.


(Photo I Alexandria Rykse)
(Photo | Alexandria Rykse)