Style Student: Sara Rudolph

Central Michigan University student Sara Rudolph hopes to inspire students to express themselves through fashion and style.

Apparel merchandising major Sara Rudolph in sheer black maxi skirt, printed-tee and layered with a blue jean jacket. (Tanya Moutzalias | photo editor

Upon meeting apparel merchandising major Sara Rudolph, you’re instantly inspired by her chic, yet simple style.

Her niche for clashing feminine and masculine pieces is just the beginning of her creative style. Inspired by a favorite designer (Alexander McQueen), Rudolph styles in a way that makes a statement.

When describing her take on campus style, Rudolph says it is “outdated,” and that students are “afraid to go further in fashion, so they stick with what they know.” With hopes of inspiring others to step out of the norm and express themselves through fashion and style, she tries to go further and be a role model.

Apparel merchandising major Sara Rudolph. (Tanya Moutzalias | photo editor

Although Rudolph is among the other college students when it comes to being tight with their money, she finds quality and affordable clothing at places like Urban Outfitters, Forever 21, H&M and Zara. To Rudolph, it’s essential to find simple pieces that you can mix-and-match to create new outfits.

“I like to do something different. I have the same clothes like everyone else, but I like to put different outfits together. Mix and match, but still keep it stylish and chic.”

As a hopeful Big Apple-bound stylist, Rudolph says that her day-to-day style is inspired by “what you would wear in New York.” After graduating in the spring, she hopes to end up in New York styling or possibly co-designing a line.

Rudolph talked about how she would love to start with magazines—something to get her to New York and follow her dreams.

Rudolph will be collaborating with good friend Claudia Miculici for the THREADS fashion show on April 14, 2012. They will create a Victorian-era inspired line in the ‘Time’ themed fashion show.

“I want to incorporate the high necks and ruffles. Something dark, black lace and sheer.” Rudolph said, “We want to surprise the audience with something different.”

If people are inspired by her style and follow her trends, Rudolph said she would “step it up,” and “do something even more extreme.” She thinks the number one rule and motive in fashion is to stand out.