THREADS Designer Spotlight: Carrie Stock

Read about how your favorite THREADS designers find their inspirations and get the sneak peak on what to expect at this year's Threads fashion show, April 16, 2011.

Check out Carrie Stock's collection which will be featured in the Threads fashion show on Saturday. (Justine Young | Grand Central Magazine)

Carrie Stock is not an apparel merchandising and design major or minor, but she has a love for fashion.

Stock, a psychology senior, wanted to design for the THREADS fashion show on April 16 at least once before she graduated.

Stock does have a design background. She took fashion classes every semester at Troy High School and originally came to Central Michigan University for the AMD program.

During her time at troy she designed four formal dresses. She has always wanted to design for THREADS and decided this year she was going to do it.

Stock has been diligently sewing to make all her deadlines for the show.

“I didn’t know that all of our stuff was due on the 22,” Stock said. “I got most of it accomplished pretty quickly.”

She had all of her fabric but did not begin the major sewing until a few weeks ago.

Stock has created five looks for the fall/winter portion of the show. She designed a ball gown which will be detailed with chains, two crushed velvet elbow length shirts, crop top, a dress with lace straps, a leather skirts and a pair of high waisted shorts.

“I pretty much just took it form my personal style,” Stock said. “I am really into rock and roll and that kind of scene and the classy side of it.”

Stock herself wears a lot of black and got a lot of her inspiration from the music scene. Her line includes fabric such as leather and crushed velvet and it’s detailed with lace and chains.

Unlike many designers who have their own sewing table and area, Stock sews on the floor. She got used to sewing on the floor at home, and shares a sewing room in her house with fellow THREADS designer Kaitlyn Munro.

Stock mainly drapes a lot of her designs and creates patterns from actual clothes to get the size, shape and fit.

Being that Stock is not an AMD major she did not apply for any awards. She said she was just happy to be able to design for the show.