Video: Student Halloween Tutorial

Halloween is a time to portray your favorite comic character or just be flat out creepy and gory – so in celebration of All Hallows Eve, Grand Central is showing off just how cool it is to be the creepiest at the party.

Products to create this look:

  • Duo eye lash adhesive – dark tones (used for open wounds)
  • Blood FX – Scab
  • Blood FX – Gel (thick and drying)
  • Jumbo eye pencil (used for eye lids)
  • Maybelline BB foundation (color of skin tone)
  • White cream for highlights
  • Black eye shadow from the Lorac Pro Pallet
    • Geek pallet eye shadows
    • “Dessert Sands” (tan-mustard yellow)
    • “Bitten” (burgundy)
    • “Dirty Martini” (mossy-olive green)
    • “Americana” (dark brown)

Demonstration by Lindsay Blake. Video by Andraya Croft.