What sparks your Pinterest?

Share your interests on Pinterest. The new social networking craze allowing users to create, share and organize visual boards based on interest including apparel, art, photography and more.

Hi, my name is Carrie McIntosh and I’m a Pinterest addict.

It’s true. I spend more time on Pinterest than my homework and I love it. Whenever I have my computer, it is open, even during class. ‘Pinning’ is the new social network craze allowing users to share photos, videos and discussions they like and find on Internet blogs and websites. Users share content by creating their own visual ‘boards’ and placing their ‘pins’ within the boards according to the category they created. Pins are the posts users find and want to share and they do so by the ‘pin-it’ button. Once a pin is posted, Pinterest users and their friends are able to view them. If their friends like a pin, they can ‘re-pin’ it or they can ‘like’ it.

I love to make homemade gifts for family and friends and I find a lot of good ideas on Pinterest. I also like to find cute home décor and simple ideas for organizing that I never thought of.

I always lose my bobby pins and leave them around the house, which drives my mom nuts. I found this clever idea on Pinterest through another user’s blog on how to keep track of your bobby pins. All you have to do is attach a magnetic strip to the inside of your medicine cabinet in your bathroom. It’s that simple!

When I find a pin that I like, I bookmark them and revisit the site it came from frequently.


There are several subcategories Pinterest created to make it easier for its users to look at pins. Some of them include art, design, DIY and crafts, home décor, humor, education, sports, and more added frequently. Pinterest is a great site to find homemade gift ideas being on a budget because they created a gift section that is divided into different price ranges.

Jenni Mangianti, a Central Michigan University senior, loves to use Pinterest to get some ideas.

“Pinterest offers so many unique and creative ideas and has something for everyone,” Mangianti said.

Some of the categories Mangianti browses are gift ideas, arts and crafts, recipes and ideas for teachers to use. She pins about a half hour a day, but sometimes it gets up to two hours a day.

“I cook and bake things I find on Pinterest all the time,” Mangianti added. “I also plan to use the ideas I found for Christmas and birthday gifts, along with decorations and activities in my future classroom.”

I also really enjoy baking and cooking, so I like to look at the food and drink category. I like to find different recipes and techniques that help and inspire my cooking. The cookies are my canvas blog is a business that does cutout cookies and is decorated perfectly. It gave a lot of creative ideas for future cookies to make.

Pinterest isn’t just about ‘pinning’ photos of a dream wedding or spending hours looking at lavish destinations far too expensive for a college budget. With multiple categories and interest, Pinterest is a new and upcoming social media site allowing users to express themselves and organize ideas through online pinboards.

Creators Paul Sciarra, Evan Sharp and Ben Silberman launched Pinterest in March 2010. The Pinterest mission aims “to connect everyone in the world through the ‘things’ they find interesting.”

In order to join Pinterest, you have to request an invite. Visit pinterest.com and simply click the button provided. After clicking, an email is sent to the Pinterest Team and they in return send you a link to join.