20 Thoughts College Students Have During Finals Week

Finals week is here and our stress level is through the roof.

Studying, projects, papers and exams have students exiled to the library in fear of any grade lower than an A. But, we know, studying is rough. Here’s probably what goes through your mind while studying for those comprehensive (or the dreaded cumulative) final exams.

  1. Okay, everything is spread out on the table. Book is open – notes are ready.
  2. Who even invented the final exam?
  3. What if I forget all of this before the test!
  4. Or, what if a meteor strikes the classroom, then I won’t even have to take it.
  5. What my friends are doing right now?
  6. Gotta change this song. Oh! A new notification.
  7. *20 minute social media break*
  8. Okay, time to get down to it.
  9. “The mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell.” Like I don’t know that already. Pff.
  10.  I wonder what the weather will be like this week.
  11. I wonder what the weather will be like in Florida this week.
  12. How much of this will really be on the final?
  13. I wish my professor would put my grades on Blackboard so I can see how bad I can do to still get an A.
  14. But hey, “C’s get degrees”, right?
  15. But, what if I got a C and it brought my GPA down?
  16. Then I’ll never get a job out of college.
  17. Wait, I don’t even know what I want to do yet.
  18.  *searches “Easiest High-Paying Jobs” on Google*
  19. Okay, time to really get to it.
  20. Friend texts you, “Hey, want to go out?” OF COURSE.