Stock Your Closet with these 2016 Staple Pieces

We know that fashion trends are taken from previous years and reinvented to look different, but there are always seasonal staples. Learn how to dress for the summer season to match its hot temps.

Night Out

A sleek wide pant or slim body jumpsuit will be the perfect outfit for a hot date or a night out with the girls. (The color red or black goes with either occasion.)

Fun in the Sun

Mandala swim suits are a sexy and eccentric fashion trend right now because it is simple, but oh so irresistible. This amazing bathing suit can be paired with loose, ripped boyfriend jeans or a cute skirt.

Causal, Yet Sophisticated

A bell-bottom top or pants are to die for right now because it gives off that 1970’s vibe, while still identifying someone’s personal style.

We believe that since this outfit goes back into time, it can easily describe the person who is wearing the item. Most people would refer to that as to having “an old soul” because it has been around for so long.

Two-Piece Attire

A “two-piece-short-set” is the reference for a short crop top and shorts that is widely being worn all over. This outfit is adorable because it is either worn with bright, bold colors or a cool print. Not only can this outfit speak volumes by itself, but it can easily be paired with a blazer or sweater.

Stylish Shades

Although non-prescription glasses aren’t necessarily sunglasses, they’re pretty popular. Stay stylish with sunglasses of different colored lenses.

Tommy Hilfiger Summer Wear 

The new and improved 65-year-old designer is back in business (and boomin’), after re-opening his line back in 2006.

With over 40 stores and a children’s line you can probably spot on Instagram under #microfashion, he has become more popular than ever before. You will definitely want to travel in Tommy this summer.


If you are in need of a new swimsuit, shop Mara Hoffman for suits that make a statement.  Her fun, geometrically-patterned suits will turn heads on the back.