5 Reasons to obsess over the new app “All Women Stalk”

Need to figure out what to wear for date night? Want know how to jazz up your fingernails with cute designs?

Look no further than the iPhone app All Women Stalk. While the name may sound misleading, it’s an app every woman should have at her fingertips. With topics ranging from beauty and health to love and traveling women all of ages can be sure to find something that both sparks their interest and they can relate to.

All Women Stalk (AWS) was created in 2006 by web designer and entrepreneur Slavik Kaushan and writer Olga Kaushan and has since grown to more than 5 million viewers. The following is a list of five reasons why every woman needs to download the app right now:

1. It’s for women all of ages.

AWS is an app set up like any other typical online magazine. But while most magazines have a specific age range they target AWS can benefit a wide variety of women at different stages in their life.

“I like that it has something relevant to all women,” cosmetologist Michele Saxton said. “I enjoy the parenting section the most because that’s where I’m at right now.”

2. Fashion tips are applicable to various stages of life.

AWS fashion tips don’t just apply to one subcategory of women. Whether it’s a specific occasion outfit or ways to revamp your current wardrobe the fashion section offers something beneficial to all women. AWS helps women make sure don’t have to rock the same outfit more than once.

“I like browsing through each section to find something interesting I didn’t already know,” Apparel Merchandising major Kaylee Hamlin said. “The site also has awesome photography on each article which keeps it aesthetically pleasing.”

3. Diet and weight loss tips are safe and realistic.

It’s a given most fad/crash diets aren’t healthy and don’t last long term. AWS offers tips on how to safely achieve weight-related goals through proper diet and exercise. From tips on when the right time to diet is to letting go of your weight-loss obsessions, women of any size and fitness level can gain new knowledge to achieving their ideal body.

4. Hair styles you can try every day of the week.

Life as a college student or a mom-on-the-go can be extremely busy at times. But just because we’re busy doesn’t mean we have to sacrifice things like doing our hair. AWS offers a variety of ways to wear our hair based on length, texture, color and the amount of time it takes achieve. With so many options to pick from any woman will be able to find a style that works best for her.

“I like the hair section because I try to keep up with the current hair trends,” Saxton said. “That and because I’m a girl.”

5.  Make-up tips that are easy to do, no artist required.

Who says flawless make-up can only be achieved by a paid professional? Thanks to AWS women can find tips and inspiration to make-up creations that only look like they were done by a professional. With easy, step-by-step tips women can become their own artist on their own time by practicing what works best for them.