Letter from the sports editor

Guess who just hit the jackpot this semester?

I’ll give you a hint: she’s the new sports editor.

I have to admit getting this position makes me feel pretty lucky because I hardly ever have to work. Writing sports articles feels more like “play time” because of all the fun I get to have. I have the opportunity to interview talented players, smart coaches, and several others who make the world of sports entertaining on the campus of Central Michigan University.

Central is home to a new generation of student athletes who may share the obvious similarity of playing sports, but have their own individual stories that I believe are worth telling: The stories of how they became Chippewas. The stories of how they handle the pressure and expectations of wearing maroon and gold, while carrying the university’s reputation on their backs.

There are also the unique tales of Central Michigan’s  alumni, students involved in intramural sports and those loud fans who come to almost every game, cheering their butts off for their home team.

It is my responsibility to share these kinds of stories with you. As well as tell you things you didn’t know, taking you places you haven’t gone and introducing you to people you may have overlooked or don’t usually get the spotlight they deserve.

This section represents the sports fan because at the end of the day, aren’t we’re all just sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to find out if our sports teams will have a successful year and bring home the gold? Questions like which teams will make it to the Super Bowl and does A-Rod have any chance of coming out of this doping scandal looking clean?

So, if you ever think this section is lacking in any way, act like the ref and blow the whistle. Call me out on it because Central Michigan University is your campus and Grand Central Magazine tells your story.