Five Unique Ways to Tie Scarves

The summer months are officially behind us and the cold is here to stay. And with that, fashionistas all over Mount Pleasant are starting to break out the fall and winter wardrobes and accessories.

One of the most basic staples for fall and winter is scarves. While they’re one of the most common items in the closet, not everyone takes advantage of their versatility.

Take a look at five of our favorite ways to wear them.


This is one of the easiest ways to style a scarf because you don’t have to do much to achieve the style. Simply lay the scarf flat around your neck and adjust it how you like. Then belt the scarf at your waist. This look is simple, chic and is sure to catch eyes.


Loop and Tuck

This technique is a bit of an alternative to the basic tucked scarf. Simply wrap the scarf around your neck backwards, so that the ends are dangling down your back. Next, take the ends and loop them around the opposite sides to bring them to the front. Take the ends of the scarf and tuck them into the loop. To complete the look, adjust the tightness of the scarf.



This is the most sophisticated of the five looks. Take the scarf and wrap it around your neck. Then, take one of the ends of the scarf and tie it in a knot, just above the bottom. Next, take the knotless end of the scarf and pull it through the knot on the other end of the scarf. Adjust the placement of the knot and you’re good to go.


The European

This is a twist on a classic style that will turn heads. Take your scarf and fold it in half. Next, put it around your neck and tuck one of the ends into the loop that was created from folding it in half. Twist the loop and tuck the other end in.


The Waterfall

This style requires a longer scarf. Wrap the scarf around your neck once, starting with the ends hanging down your back. Once you have wrapped the ends around the front, take the left end and pull it to the back and tuck it behind your right side. Take the right end and pull it to the back and tuck it behind your left side.