A guy’s guide to piercings

Everywhere you look, guys are showing up on campus with piercings. What has been seen largely as a feminine style is now being adapted by guys at what appears to be a pretty fast pace.

Both girls and guys seem to be willing to poke a hole in almost any area of their body. Some of them make you cringe just to look at. So boys, if you are considering adding an accessory to your style in the near future, consider some of the following pros and cons of rocking these different types of piercings.

Ears. The most common place for anyone to get a piercing. This is by far the safest place to stick some metal into your skin. Many dudes wear a small diamond in their earlobe. Guys, if you are going to do this make sure it’s a real diamond. Wearing a fake rock in your ear is pretty trashy and girls (they love diamonds) will be able to spot an imposter gem from a mile away.

Nose. This one is hard to do well. Your nose piercing should be subtle yet defined. You have to have the right nose shape for this to work. Don’t put a ring in unless you are trying to call attention to yourself. A septum piercing is a good way to make people think you are tough, but it probably is not worth the pain.

Nipples. Ouch. If you are brave enough to get this one done, then you deserve to have the job done for free. I can only imagine the amount of bleeding that comes with this, but women usually find this pretty attractive after you have recovered from the painful procedure.

Tongue. The sexiest of the bunch. Women seem to go crazy for these bad boys. Speaking of bad boys, what better way to say “I’m tough and good with my tongue than to get a little ball asphyxiated to your taste buds?” Understand that this one will most likely get irritating quickly, so enjoy it while you can stand it.

Belly button. Believe it or not, some guys do this. There is a simple rule to this rare occurrence. If you have rock-hard abs, go for it. If not, take the high road. Guys end up with their shirts off more than they plan, so unless you are totally confident with your midsection, the only thing that should be in your belly button is lint.