Best sweater style for your body

It’s the comfiest time of year; sweater season! It’s time for you to break out all of those warm, cozy sweaters and start shopping to find a style that’s the perfect fit for you and your shape. You certainly don’t want to look unshapely or bulky, and these tips will help you find the best sweater that will accentuate the best parts about your figure!

Depending on the fit, material and pattern, the perfect sweater can make you look sophisticated and chic.

If you’re curvaceous and full-figured

The best sweater type for curvy, full-figured women is belted sweater coats. Although these sweaters can look bulky on a hanger, the belt that ties in front of the sweater draws in your waist, giving the illusion of an hourglass body. Sweater coats can be worn with a sweater belt for a more casual look or can be dressed-up with a leather belt.

Be cautious of the fabric; think comfortable and lightweight but still cozy. Belted sweater coats look best with black leggings or jeans along with a pair of flats or high leather boots. Keep it simple and opt for darker colors and patterns to accentuate your curves!



If you’re petite

The best sweater type for small, petite women are cashmere (or cashmere-like) sweaters. Generally, over-sized clothing and bulky sweaters are not petite friendly, as they can make you look shorter, wider and heavier. Fashion editors and designers insist that cashmere-type, closer-fitting (but not skintight), sweater styles are perfect for petites. They present a thicker, yet still slim look.


If you’re pear-shaped

Sweaters with larger necklines are most flattering on pear-shaped women. Try a sweater with a wider V-neck, boat or sweetheart neckline that also ends at your waist. The reason this style is so great is because it does not draw attention to your lower half. The neckline gives the illusion of narrow shoulders appearing broader and provides a slimming effect. Don’t forget to incorporate large necklaces that also draw attention up towards the neck.


If you’re long and lean

This body type can pull off long sweater cardigans and sweater dresses best. The length of these sweaters accentuates the length of your body and optically elongates your figure. Sweater dresses can be worn with leggings or tights, matched with flats, a pair of classy heels or even tall boots. Sweater cardigans can be worn with leggings or jeans. Wearing long necklaces with these sweaters will also emphasize your lean look.