A Noteworthy Binge: Lost Girl

Fantasy is a genre that is often pushed to the background in the world of sci-fi and even television, with few making it out alive. However, one hit Canadian series is breaking this boundary.

“Lost Girl” is about Bo, a young woman who finds herself in a world she never knew existed. She always thought she was cursed, but in reality she comes from a clan of people who inherit such gifts. Bo is a succubus. These are creatures who feed off of sexual energy, and use it to power themselves while also draining the life from their victims.

“Lost Girl” isn’t just about these creatures and their culture. Its about detective work as well. Bo and her human best friend Kenzie are private investigators who pass through light and dark territory to solve crimes that can’t be touched due to political problems within the Fae or because humans can’t find out about the existence of this race.

Being a succubus isn’t all its cracked up to be though. If Bo is “hungry” she has to feed on someone’s energy which often kills humans or drain Fae of their power. She has to learn how to control it. Kenzie, on the other hand often balances Bo, keeping her from doing things that she could regret. With her need for sexual energy that means preference goes out the window. “Lost Girl” often features same sex and hetero pairings and is not afraid to show what goes on in the bedroom.

“Lost Girl” is a welcome television change because many people in this show are portrayed as punk rock, heavy metal, hard core, thrasher-fan types. The eyeliner, black hair and leather runs deep, a subculture that television does not often portray in a kind light.

If you like a little sex and fantasy in your television “Lost Girl” might be for you. What could be more fun then watching a succubus discover herself and find where she comes from?

Similar shows to “Lost Girl” are “Bitten,” “Haven” and “Grimm.”

Cast: Anna Silk, Ksenia Solo, Kris Holden-Ried, Zoie Palmer and Richard Howland.