A Noteworthy Binge: The Walking Dead

With the season six mid-season finale having premiered last week and exams sneaking up on us, this week’s Noteworthy Binge is five seasons of blood, guns and the undead.

“The Walking Dead” is television’s highest rated show due to its in-depth story telling and its continuity. It offers many different types of television all in one.

The show follows the life of the Grimes family post-zombie apocalypse. Rick, Lori and Carl are the main focus of the show for the first three seasons, allowing the audience to only become aware of secondary characters as they move in and out of the main group. The show’s main protagonists are Glenn, Daryl, Carol, Rick and Carl. Throughout the five seasons, these characters struggle with holding onto their humanity in a world void of common courtesy and rules.

In the entirety of the show, dynamics constantly shift between the group’s leader Rick and the other members of the group. Rick’s main concern throughout the seasons is to shelter his son, Carl, from the reality of this new world, but as the show progresses Carl becomes cold and turns into the type of teenager viewers might expect when a child grows up in a world of constant life threatening situations and murder.

In the five seasons available on Netflix, viewers can expect to be entertained with brilliant character development and backstory. Each season takes place in a new location, and between the first three seasons only about 10 months have passed, so as viewers we are getting every small detail of these characters lives.

Though this show is predominantly based out of the popular graphic novel series of the same name, many variations are made to the story as a result of fan behavior and writer/producer Robert Kirkman. He is in control of both the show and novel’s story progression. Although deaths and settings may overall be different from the books, the show continues to introduce every character presented in the novels.

“The Walking Dead” is a great show to sit down and binge if you’re interested in hours of endless zombie hunting and emotional instability.

If you enjoy shows like “Fear the Walking Dead,” “Dexter,” “Breaking Bad” and “Lost,” you might like “The Walking Dead.”

Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Norman Reedus, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lauren Cohan, Steven Yeun and Danai Gurira.


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