CMU Fall Lookbook

Story by Riley Connell and Rachel Bednarz

Photos by Tess Ware

With autumn in full swing, it’s time for Central Michigan University students to show off their best outfits in Grand Central Magazine’s 2019 Fall Lookbook.

Jawaun Fraizer is a freshman from Detroit, Mich. For his signature fall look, Fraizer sports a pair of joggers with a Nike t-shirt, Adidias shoes and a light jacket.

“My style is athletic,” Fraizer said. “I like being comfortable.”

He said that when he’s dressing for fall weather, Fraizer likes to wear jackets and longer pants that are hard to wear in warmer months.

When it comes to color scheme, Fraizer prefers to stick with basic tones of black and white. If he’s looking to add a pop of color to his look, Fraizer will throw on his neon green shoes but he likes to save those for special occasions.

“[Friend] Pablo tells me that you should wear stuff that you feel confident in, and I feel confident in this,” Fraizer said.

Diego Arellano is a sophomore from Grand Rapids, Mich. In this look, Arellano paired a black wool sweater with green pants and a pair of Air Force Ones.

Arellano put this look together will fall in mind. He said that for the fall months, it is important to stay warm while being comfortable. This isn’t a problem for him though. Arellano loves to wear layers.

“I hate shorts and t-shirts,” he said. “I need to be able to dress in layers.”

Arellano said that fall is his favorite season because it brings the most opportunity to layer his clothing.

Arellano said that even in the warmer summer months he can be found wearing long pants and a jacket. “I just love dressing for the fall. Other seasons have restrictions with summer being too hot and winter being too cold,” Arellano ended.

Pablo Covarrubias is a sophomore from Grand Rapids, Mich. For his idea of a perfect fall look, Covarrubias put together a black turtleneck with black jeans, black shoes and an olive-green jacket.

“I like to wear my feelings,” Covarrubias said. He said that sometimes fall and winter can get people feeling down, so he likes to display that in what he wears throughout the colder months.

In the fall, Covarrubias like to wear neutral earth tones like greens and browns compared to more pastel and lighter colors in the warmer months.

“Layering can change so much about an outfit, anyone can wear a t-shirt and jeans,” Covarrubias started. “The minute you throw on any sort of jacket, that can change the whole look.”

Logan Jones is a senior from Reed City, Mich. Her idea of the perfect fall look is defined by one word: vintage. She is pictured wearing a vintage jumpsuit matched with a pair of sleek, black Doc Marten boots.

Jones has found that shopping second hand is the best way to find unique pieces to wear in the warm weather.

“I shop strictly in thrift stores. I don’t go to department stores anymore,” Jones said.

Angela Lewan is a senior from Livonia, Mich. She is pictured wearing a black long-sleeve shirt, a puffer vest and a light-wash pair of jeans.

Lewan’s main piece is her vest. It belonged to the mother of a family friend, so it hold a special place in her heart.

Something Lewan also appreciates about this piece is its functionality. “It keeps me warm, especially with the colder temperatures this fall.”

Lewan also says that her ideal fall color palette would be light green, gray and brown.

Sophomore Audri Chenoweth is from Jackson, Mich. She is photographed wearing a grey shirt with a plaid button-up layered on top. Chenoweth adds a denim jacket and a mustard yellow beanie to top off her ensemble.

“I picked what I’m wearing today because hats hide the nice ‘I don’t really wanna do anything with my hair’ look, and I love a good layered look” Chenoweth said.

To Chenoweth, fall is the ideal season to dress for since there are so many options for outfits such as jackets and flannels.

Jordin Kennedy is a junior from Dundee, Mich. Kennedy is shown sporting a white top underneath a blue and white checkered shirt paired with light-wash denim and Sperry boots.

“Flannels are always my go-to. They’re super comfortable, and you can dress them up or dress them down,” Kennedy said. “My duck boots [Sperrys] keep my feet super warm and safe from all the mud.”

Kennedy says she doesn’t leave the house without either a flannel shirt or a Carhartt beanie.

Whether you’re dressing up or keeping it casual, the fall season is the time for CMU students to show off the best of what’s inside their closets.