CMU Students Share Their Top Date Locations

Shot and edited by Dylan Flanigan

With Valentines Day coming up, we asked couples around campus where their favorite Mt. Pleasant date location ideas were. From fast-food restaurants to nature parks, these are the locations they picked.

Nathan Thomas, a junior from Bedford, prefers to take a date in nature. Specifically, his favorite park to go to is Chip-A-Waters park. “It’s nice being around nature when you’re trying to get to know someone. It’s also just very scenic and stuff.”

Stephen Andrews, a sophomore from Fowlerville, and April Roberts, a senior from Cedar Springs, enjoy spending time together at Dreamer. They enjoy the small coffee shop with great vibes. It really nails the “small coffee shop” aesthetic according to April. “Our first date was at Dreamer. Since then, we’ve been going around once a month for the 7 months we’ve been dating. We love to get the bubble tea there and always find the workers to be helpful and kind. Plus they have board games there for us to play.”

Alexis Johnson, a senior from Lapeer, takes her date to Olive Garden. She loves the environment of the restaurant and the taste of the food. “I really like Olive Garden for dates. It is such a warm environment. It’s rarely loud and the staff is amazing. The lighting is low, which is a great mood setter.”

Other top date ideas from CMU students include:

  • Wendy’s
  • Shin’s
  • Celebration Cinema
  • Deerfield Nature Park
  • Panera Bread
  • Pleasant City Coffee

Let us know what your favorite date location is in the comments!