Column: Meet the Lonster; GCM’s Food & Beverage Editor

Hello, welcome to the Food and Beverage section of Grand Central Magazine.

My name is Lonnie Allen and I am a junior at Central Michigan University studying journalism.

I have extensive experience in the food service industry. I have studied to be a chef in the U.S. Marine Corps and have worked as a chef, restaurant manger and assistant chef throughout the U.S.

I am excited about my new position with Grand Central Magazine. I have a variety of ideas, along with food news I will be sharing with the readers of GCM. I hope to attract new readers too with some of my food programs I will be debuting later on this semester.

Some of the things I can share with readers now are my recipes for easy and quick meals that will save money. I believe we can eat and eat well while attending college without spending a fortune at the local market.

I ask readers to sit back and enjoy the journey I will take us on this semester. A journey with flavors from around the world and back to local fabulous food joints here in town. I promise after dinner from Lonster, you will have enough money left to go out with your friends and shake up the town. So stay tuned readers and eat well with the Lonster.

For right now I would like to ask the readers what you would like to see from the Food & Beverage section of GCM.

I will take all suggestions under consideration. Please email me at .  Until then Eat well you all.