Dear Boyfriend: I like your beanie

Dear Boyfriend,

Fall is upon us and you must be starting to feel the chill in the air, right?  How are you going to keep warm on campus? A scarf or maybe (gasp) a ski mask?  Or maybe even a hat of some sort? Maybe you’ll simply toss on a hoodie over your T-shirt.

With students now facing chilly mornings on their way to class, warmth may take precedent over style. However, this does not have to be the case.  A knit cap or a “beanie” is a great way for guys to keep warm. Now, do not take that as a free pass to wear a hat of any sort. No fedoras. You are not, nor will you ever be, Bruno Mars. Also please try and avoid anything that looks like a cowboy hat unless you plan on riding a horse to class.

After interviewing a few beanie-wearing Chippewas, I found that men on campus have varying reasons for why they wear beanies.

For junior Cody Debona, beanies offer comfort as well as versatility. Debona feels he can wear his beanie “with almost any outfit.”

To get a second opinion, I found another beanie-lover, junior Jonathan Pitts.  Pitts enjoys the convenience of beanies.

“They are easy to throw on and they can hide a bad hair day,” Pitts said.

Pitts then remembered he has a shaved head and added, “They keep my head warm when I long board through campus.”

While baseball hats for sports teams of all sorts seem to be the norm for guys on campus, they do not seem to offer the warmth needed to stay cozy and comfortable this fall and into the looming winter. A beanie, however, offers style and warmth, and really, what’s better than that?

Plus, a beanie works for guys of all walks of life.

Regardless of your hair type or personal style, you can pull off the beanie.