Designers Put Final Touches on Garments for Threads

Story & Photos by Devon Rademacher

The Threads Fashion Show is a few days away, and designers and models are gearing up for the final touches to their garments.

This year, senior Maggie Schneider is showcasing two collections.

This is her second and final year designing for Threads.

Stori Luft is a model for one of Schneider’s collections. Luft said she modeled for the show last year.

“When I saw [Maggie’s] collection I was excited. I said ‘pick me!'”

Schneider’s collection employs sharp lines, transparent vinyl and cut-outs.

She said she worked on both collections for the entire semester.

Aaqilah Abdur-Rasheed, a junior, is another one of Schneider’s models.

Abdul-Rasheed said this is her first time modeling in the annual show.

“I knew someone who knew Maggie, and they hooked me up with her,” Abdul-Rasheed said.

Watch Luft and Abdul-Rasheed strut down the runway wearing Schneider’s designs on April 22, at 7 pm in Finch Fieldhouse.


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