Despite a rough start, Rubble’s still rocks out

The show at Rubble’s Bar on Feb. 23 suffered a few last minute setbacks with a change in the band lineup and a broken string — but that didn’t stop the show.

The original lineup included Killer Kong, Jetpack On! and Delightfuls, but the vocalist for Killer Kong was ill. Newday Dreamers were brought in to replace Killer Kong as the opening band.

Newday Dreamers consists of Micah Bracken (vocals/guitar), Cody Armstrong (bass), Ryan Heisler (drums) and Adam Marth (guitar). Most of them have been playing together for six years. Despite a broken string to start the show off, they did not disappoint the crowd.

“It was fun tonight,” Bracken said. “We got off to a bumpy start with the broken string, but once we got started everyone got really into it.”

Newday Dreamers have been playing together for several years, but Thursday was their first time playing with either band. The band is not new to playing at Rubble’s, however.

“We play here relatively often,” Heisler said. “We also have a lot of friends that come here when we play and they’re always the first to stand up and get close. That gives us a lot of energy.”

After Newday Dreamers played, Jetpack On! took over the stage and many fans rushed to the front of the stage once they began playing. One fan named Jeremy Olson drove from Traverse City just to see them play last Thursday.

“I just graduated last May from Central Michigan University so I used to see them when they played in town all the time,” Olson said. “I was really excited to see them play tonight again. It was an amazing show.”

Delightfuls followed Jetpack On! and kept the energy going for the final third of the show.

“Honestly, Rubble’s is one of our favorite places to play,” Delightfuls member Andy McNichol said. “It’s fun playing here, it has a good sound system. It’s probably where we play the most. It’s like our stomping grounds.”

Delightfuls consists of Andy McNichol (vocals/guitar), Hayley McNichol (bass/ukulele), Mike Beebe (drummer/banjo) and James Doherty (rhythm guitar/piano/vocals). Last Thursday night they debuted eight new songs for the crowd at Rubble’s.

“Next week we’re releasing our CD at our show with The Muddy Orphans at the Doherty Hotel in Claire,” Andy McNichol said.

The new songs played at the show on Feb. 23 will be on their first full length CD being released on March 2.