DIY St. Patrick’s Day Looks

Story and photos by Janna Salimovic

This weekend, Central Michigan University will go from maroon and gold to green. St. Patrick’s Day looks are easy to put together by simply just wearing green. Two students at CMU decided to take it a step further by making their own festive shirts for the holiday.

The shirts that they used were bought from Walmart. For these looks, all you need is a shirt and a pair of scissors to give your outfit a whole new look.

Junior Jenna Reece shared the 3 easy steps she took in creating her holiday look.

1. Using a shirt that’s a size up, lay it out and make sure it’s not folded and there are no creases.

2. Make a cut straight across the shirt, cutting it in half.

3. Lastly, cut little sections of the bottom of the shirt an inch or 2 up. This will create a fringe bottom of the shirt and add a little fun to it.

Senior Autumn LaCross shared some of the steps that she took for her DIY look.

1. Lay the shirt flat on the floor.

2. Cut straight across the bottom half of the shirt, then cut off the sleeves and the collar.

3. On the each side of the shirt, cut 1 inch pieces all the way down.

4. Next, tie the pieces all the way down to the end on both sides of the shirt.

5. By finishing up all the ties, you’re left with a DIY tube top!

These looks and many more can be created for any occasion, holiday or event. With just a shirt and a pair of scissors, you can take your look from plain to fun.