Dollar Store Makeup Challenge

Story by Elizabeth Reyna-Hernandez
Video by Nicole Balser and Elizabeth Reyna-Hernandez

Ever wondered if it’s possible to create a full makeup look using only Dollar Store makeup? Grand Central took beauty lover Amanda Broadus and Micky Smith makeup shopping at the Dollar Store to see what they could do.

While makeup shopping, Amanda faced challenges finding her perfect foundation shade, and the only bronzer option showed up as a highlighter on her skin.


“I’m kind of on the lighter end of the spectrum when it comes to African Americans or people of color wearing makeup. The fact that this is as dark as it gets even for the dollar store, like, it’s not really all inclusive at all.”

Amanda Broadus, sophomore

On the other hand, Micky’s biggest challenge was knowing what she needed in order to create a casual, natural look since the only product she uses are to occasionally fill in her eyebrows.

“Growing up you do see a lot of people wearing makeup, especially now like they do their whole face and I just never got into it because I think I’m beautiful just the way I am.”

Micky Smith, sophomore

In the end, these two beauties created two different looks that can be easily created by simply using dollar store makeup.