Earsnag: “Feeling Good” by Michael Bublé

“It’s a new dawn. It’s a new day. It’s a new life for me . . . and I’m feeling good.”

Michael Bublé sure knows how to look at the sunny side. I commend him for it. If only I could wake up every Monday morning with this attitude. Like, as soon as my alarm goes off, I’d cheerfully sit up in bed, stretch, smile as the birds sing outside of my window. Then hum a little tune on the way to the shower — the theme song of “It’s A Wonderful Life,” probably.

Unfortunately, what actually happens on Monday mornings couldn’t be further from that. I certainly don’t feel sky-high like Michael. As soon as my alarm goes off (that annoying Marimba ringtone on the iPhone), I grab my phone aggressively, fumble for the sleep button and pretend that 10 minutes is adequate post-alarm snooze time. And, of course, that it isn’t Monday and I don’t have a sh-t ton to do for the next five days.

I’d say this is a pretty accurate picture of the life of an average college kid. It’s certainly not easy. It’s certainly not peaceful.

But it does have its perks. After all, it’s about a hundred times better than high school ever was (The cliques! The school lunches! The eight-hour days!). And it’s actually kind of a great feeling when you know you aced that test after studying your freaking brain senseless, no matter how taxing it was. Not to mention, college reinforces a sense of discipline with its no nonsense policies—necessary for, well, life.

I guess what I’m trying to say is that Mondays aren’t so bad after all. And that maybe we should start looking at life like Mr. Bublé, who obviously feels great about himself (the guy says he feels like a flying bird. How awesome is that?).

So, in the words of Michael, it’s a new day (albeit a conventionally crummy one). So, henceforth, on Monday mornings I will wake up as a high-spirited girl who’s going to own the upcoming week. After all, the week has nothin’ on me — as long as I get my naps.

Check out “The Michael Bublé Collection”, available on iTunes.