Easy Hairstyles for Your Busy Week

Sometimes cramming in a pre-class study session or an extra hour of sleep trumps getting glam in the morning. So when your week is jam-packed with classes and activities, these hairstyles will be the perfect fit for your busy schedule.

The Ponytail

A ponytail may be easy to achieve, but it also offers many trendy options. From a slicked-back high pony to a more casual feel with a few tresses let loose to frame your face, this classic look can go from athletic to sleek, depending on the desired look.


The Half Do’

Second-day hair can be difficult to work with, but the half do’ is both simple and versatile. Complete this look by pulling back the top section and securing with a hair tie. For a different look, twist up the top section of hair and secure the back with bobby pins to form a small bun.

Hair3 copy

The Bun

Recently adopted by sleep-deprived college students, the bun is a go-to hairstyle for days when the snooze button is hit one too many times. Secure the hair in a low or high pony and twist the hair around securing with bobby pins. Pull some pieces loose for a quick and easy messy bun.

Hair4 copyThe Braid

Throwing your hair back into a braid is a great way to look put together and requires minimal effort. If your fingers can formulate an intricate full-head braid, then go for it! If not, braiding the front section and pinning it into loose waves or your updo of choice creates the same unique and textured effect.

Hair1 copy

The Hat Trick

If none of these styles are cutting it and it’s an overall bad hair day, cover it up! Fall gives us the excuse to rock a beanie, baseball cap, or headwrap. Wearing a cute statement piece up top completely distracts from what is going on underneath, and makes even your worst hair day camera ready.

Hair2 copy