Easy Remedies for Static Hair in Winter

Story by Allison Lindsey
Photo by Hannah Kaske

Winter is a beautiful season, but, there are many downfalls to the snowy months, including, but not limited to, the frigid weather, icy walks to class and the layers of clothing we pack ourselves in to stay warm. For those of us with long hair, another big downfall of winter is the lack of moisture in the air, which causes extremely static hair.

Here are some Grand Central-approved tips for nipping static hair in the bud.

Tip 1: Brush away static
This may seem like common sense – take a hairbrush, along with some static guard and simply spray a bit of static guard onto your brush to eliminate the cling. Be sure to use an old hairbrush, or a cheap one from the drugstore since the guard will ruin your brush.

Tip 2: Use a dryer sheet
Another trick to defeat static hair is to take a dryer sheet, wrap it around your hair brush, and let it do its thing. Some people choose to use a rubber band to strap the sheet down to the brush for easier use.

The reason this method is effective is because dryer sheets are packed with positively charged ingredients. These ingredients are given off when you add in heat and movement, aka, running a brush through your hair. This method is a quick fix that is not only simple but cheap and sufficient – college student approved!

Tip 3: Apply some Aussie
We can vouch that the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is a must. The product comes in various different forms, one of which acts as an aid for moisture. You simply wash and rinse your hair with your everyday shampoo, apply the 3 Minute Miracle treatment to your hair and put your hair in a bun for three minutes. After rinsing your hair, your locks will be feeling silky, smooth and moisturized.

Now that you’re rid of static filled hair, here are a few tips on how to avoid it all together.

Tip 4: Conditioned hair is happy hair
When it comes to keeping your hair moisturized, conditioner is your best friend. Conditioner works with your hair to keep toxins out and all the good minerals safe and sound. In other words, it keeps your hair silky smooth. Be sure to skip as few conditioning days as possible during the winter months to keep your hair shiny and static-free.

Tip 5: Moisturize your hands
When your hands are oily and you touch your locks, it can instantly look oily. The same goes for dry hands. Touching your hair with unmoisturized hands is a one-way ticket to dry, brittle hair. On that note, buy yourself a pocket sized hand lotion to carry around in your purse or backpack to keep your hands and hair moisturized.