Every Guy Should Own: Some plaid pride

For many of us- winter break is a time to rethink and often renew the wardrobe that we bring back to school, and before we can get to the inviting weather of April, and that dreaded first week of May, we have to endure the cold—and windy—Mount Pleasant winter. To get through the colder months many guys turn to layering; a fashionable and effective way to stay warm.

Layering is an art form that is easy to mess up, so before you turn to weighing yourself down with bulky thermals and dreaded polyester  undershirts, consider a plaid (preferably flannel for the colder days) button up shirt. Plaid button ups are a staple when it comes to layering, because the pattern is classic and interesting. This style also looks gives you a more polished look than any thermal long sleeve T-shirt or henley will.

Guys tend to have one of two philosophies when looking at plaid; they think plaid is just for lumberjacks or hipsters and thus refuse to wear it, or they love plaid and overdo it.  Either way, many guys just don’t understand how to wear the pattern. Plaid isn’t subtle at all; it grabs attention and it should be the centerpiece of an outfit.  However, that does not mean that you can just wear plaid all over. The pattern can become too distracting and draw attention away from you, which is not an element of a flattering ensemble. When layered with a sweater or sweatshirt, plaid is at its prime. Plaid needs to be paired with simple and plain shades that complement the textile color scheme in silhouettes that are simple and flattering.

Another advantage to purchasing plaid is that whatever you buy should become a versatile piece.  Plaid can be dressed up and dressed down with ease. Pair it with jeans and your favorite CMU crewneck for a nice around campus look, or with a wool sweater and slacks for something a little dressier. Plaid—especially flannel—can also work as a jacket piece. Throw on your favorite T-shirt and slip to an unbuttoned flannel for a more edgy look.

Next time you’re looking through your closet and that dooming thought that you have nothing to wear creeps in to your mind or you’re looking to spice up your usual clothing rotation,  reach for your favorite plaid.