Fashion chat: accessory collection

Fashion merchandising students Gretchen Wilt and Alexandra Mauro chat about their dream accessories and current obsessions.

Accessories tell a woman’s story. From jeweled pendants, stacked bangles and sky-high stilettos, these sweet extras can help channel a particular era, mood or style. Central Michigan University fashion merchandising juniors, Alexandra Mauro and Gretchen Wilt, chat about their dream accessories, current obsessions and shopping secrets.

Fashion Chat

For Mauro, accessories with a family history and nostalgic value are the perfect timeless pieces nestled in her jewelry box.

“My favorite accessories are ones I received from my grandmother and mom. They may not be the newest or the most expensive, but they hold great meaning for me. Some of the rings I have are from the 1920’s and they’re still in style. Those accessories make me feel closer to them.”

Wilt shares a similar philosophy that jewelry passed down makes the ultimate add-on.“I have a few pieces passed down from my grandmother and they work wonderfully with so many looks.”

How do you know when your accessorizing has gone from glamorous to god-awful? Both girls believe Coco Chanel was correct in stating, “Before leaving the house, a lady should stop, look in the mirror, and remove one piece of jewelry.”

For both clothing and accessories shopping, there is always the debate as to whether you should save or splurge!

“As a college student I generally try to save when purchasing accessories but sometimes I come across a piece that I cannot pass up and I have to splurge a little extra,” said Wilt.

Mauro mixes it up by saving her expensive jewelry for everyday wear, leaving her custom jewelry for nights out on the town and casual events.

“I do, however, think it is very important to own a few luxury pieces. Recently, I splurged on a watch and was very happy about my decision to invest in a quality timepiece because I will be wearing it every day. At times though a little splurge is necessary.”

What accessories are these two fashionistas coveting to own one day?

For Wilt, it is all about the red sole. “I would love to own a great pair of Christian Louboutin pumps. I have a major shoe addiction.”

Mauro would love to add a unique piece to her jewelry collection.

“I always admired how Elizabeth Taylor had a completely one-of-a-kind jewelry collection, and hopefully one day I can acquire some pieces that are genuinely original and mine.”