Fashion on a student budget

If you’ve ever heard of, visited or even dreamed of visiting Plato’s Closet, you’ll love the thought of having one nearby. However, instead of having a Plato’s Closet, Central Michigan may have something a little better, something called City Closet.

City Closet is independently owned and has the same concept as Plato’s Closet: high-quality new or used clothing for great prices.

According to the owner, Gloria Winowiecki, the store has a little bit of something for everyone and is geared towards teenage girls and young career women, which in a town like Mount Pleasant makes it a must for female college students. Located on Mission off of Broomfield, between The Shell gas station and Silverberg Jewelry Store, it’s only a short walk or drive away from campus.

City Closet not only offers modern, casual, and formal wear but they also hold a selection of vintage clothing for the modern day antique, more modern clothes for the hipster in you and something in between for those casual days.

Much like Plato’s Closet, City Closet buys and sells name brand items and accessories that are two to three years old; keeping up with the latest trends thus helping you help them help you.

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Winowiecki ‘s reason for bringing the gift of  ‘fair priced’ designer clothing to Mount Pleasant, besides wanting to help female shoppers, is her love of quality clothing, great deals, and the belief that you shouldn’t have to drive out of town for it.

City Closet seems to be an all-around money saver. You can save a few extra bucks on Hollister jeans and the money you’d spend traveling to the big shopping areas in Midland and East Lansing. There are a few different apparel stores in Mount Pleasant, however City Closet is one of the few who offer all clothing, from sleep wear to outerwear, and they’re the only store nearby that specializes in formal wear all year round for young girls and at college student prices.

If you love great deals, top brands, high fashion and the thrill of the bargain hunt, then City Closet just may be the place for you. With new arrivals daily you’re sure to find something that suits you!

To be sure that you never miss an update or sale make sure to visit the Facebook page for City Closet and browse the store as well.

Shop well friends!

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