OPINION: Five things more useful than pinning your wedding

Please tell me more about the rustic, yet chic centerpieces, the mix and match bridesmaid dresses, your favorite up-dos, your exquisite cushion cut engagement ring and the song that will play during the ceremonious first dance. And how long have you known the lucky groom-to-be?

Oh, you haven’t met him yet?

This is the point where I question your sanity.

We are living in a wedding-obsessed society and there’s no way to escape it. Believe me, I love watching a good flash mob proposal on YouTube, but when an absolute stranger can plan your entire wedding simply by peeking at the plethora of pins on your Pinterest boards entitled, “MY DREAM WEDDING” or “One Day…” you’ve gone too far.

What’s the rush? More importantly, how can you fall madly, deeply in love if your brain is jam-packed with bolts of lace and vanilla buttercream cake?

I’m accepting of the fact that I will not change the habits of most amateur wedding planners, so here are five things I believe will benefit your future wedding more than compulsively pre-planning on Pinterest:

  1. Go for a jog – Avoid the stress by sweating for your wedding now. One year or 15 years from now, why wait when you can start shedding the pounds and shimmy into that size four Vera Wang dress with ease come your wedding day?

  2. Collect donations/start a savings account – U.S. couples spend upwards of $15,000 for their wedding. This hefty price tag doesn’t even include a romantic honeymoon, so start saving now as you bring in the big bucks with your part-time job.

  3. Sign up for dance classes – All eyes will be on you. Bust a move with style and grace. Steal the show. Heck, prepare a solo performance.

  4. Collect weathered wood, mason jars, chalkboards and other essential wedding trappings – Visit abandoned barns and second-hand stores to snatch up these hot commodities.

  5. Create an online dating profile – Single? Expedite the process. Search for your soulmate on various online dating websites. Be forward. Explain to potential prospects that you have wedding fever and only the love of another will cure you.

In all seriousness, a dream wedding requires a dream companion. Put away Pinterest and put yourself out there.


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    Thanks for this entertaining article, aside from Pinterest many others offer collecting all kind of wedding stuff in combination with virtual wedding planning. Anyhow, it is quite interesting that people loose the focus, may it’s because that many brides work in offices and sit in front of a computer.

    What do they do? Right they Google it “wedding” see the the search results. Continue and follow the links and you end up in marketing wonderland of brands, creating emotions and demands. As those websites represent a kind of reality to the reader, you think a wedding must be done in a top designer dress, stretch limousine and all other goof.

    With a divorce rate of 50% in the US, it’s a great recommendation to keep shedding the pounds, because the next groom is maybe picky.

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