For the thrill of it

Alleah Webb, a senior majoring in Entrepreneurship, puts her final touches on her harness knots before climbing the rock wall on Tues., Feb. 7, 2012. "Coming to open climb and making my way up the wall is a relaxation process. It's also something I look forward to during the week because it's a good way to hangout with friends," Webb said about Open Climbs at the rock wall in Finch Fieldhouse. Open Climbs are held on Mondays from 5 - 9 p.m. and Tuesdays through Thursdays 8 - 11 p.m. (Brooke Whitten | Photo Editor)

Siblings weekend has been a tradition at Central Michigan University for years, creating interesting and fun ways for families to interact and enjoy time together on campus. One of the activities seemed to spark a certain interest among attendees: The rock climbing wall.

Bayport senior Sara Mater was working the rock wall during open climb this Saturday. Mater spoke about the physical challenge that many participants are faced with when they get climbing.

“Some of the people it’s a real struggle for them, but it’s great when they have people who they love and can encourage them, and it makes them help each other out,” she said.

CMU provides a unique opportunity and an interesting activity for siblings with its rock wall. Indoor rock walls are rare in Michigan and to have one so readily available was a special occasion.

Planned activities are a great way to entertain younger siblings, though normally it might be a challenge to find things children would enjoy to do.

“It’s way more enticing to bring your siblings here especially when there’s other kids that are their age that they can play with,” Bad Axe senior Lindsay Greyerbiehl said. Greyerbiehl brought her nephew to open climb and was grateful for siblings weekend activities.

Siblings weekend brought many different ages of students and siblings to the rock wall. (Brooke Whitten | Photo Editor)

“It’s a really great time to bring my nephews here to see the campus, and to be able to see where I live and just get to do really fun things,” Greyerbiehl said.

The rock wall may have been one of the more physically demanding activities that siblings weekend offered, and active kids like Erin Sullivan were glad to have a place to get energy out. South Lyon sophomore Meghan Sullivan brought her sister, Erin, to get in some climbing and bonding.

“I miss Meghan I just want to see her, and rock walls are fun,” Sullivan said.

Meghan was glad to see that her active sister was having a good time. As well as bonding with her sister, there was a competition between a friend, Kayde Linn, on how high they could climb up the wall.

The two bantered back and forth as to how far each one of them really got up. Linn was excited to challenge her regular cheerleading talents and see how her climbing skills were.

“I just like the thrill of it,” Linn said.

Siblings weekend in general always seems to be a thrill for both sides. The rock wall was an exciting addition to many families’ weekends.