From Runway to Everyday: Wearing leather

These days, leather isn’t restricted to motorcyclists and ’80s rock stars. Leather can be seen on college campuses, across cities and towns alike, and slowly popping up in areas all over.

On the runway, leather makes its appearance in collections by Versace, Alexander Wang, Michael Kors, and many more.  These designers sometimes allude to leather in the way most of us picture it — dark, Gothic, and heavy.  One thing we can take away from these designers’ interpretations of leather is its unique shape and edgy appearance.

The most common way to wear leather is the leather jacket. A fitted leather jacket can transform any outfit from ordinary to unique. Dress it up or down, a leather jacket can be worn out for a day of rushing to and from classes, or a night out with friends.

Another way to wear leather is through skirts, pants, or shorts.  Structured yet feminine, leather skirts add a metallic twist to any style.  With the winter months rapidly approaching, pair an oversized sweater with leather pants.  Layer tights under shorts, matched with combat boots to create a modern look with an old fad.

For guys, the leather look can be achieved through combining a leather jacket with straight leg jeans.

Leather apparel can be seen making its way into stores such as Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, PacSun, H&M, Target and Kohl’s.

This trend has made its way to CMU’s campus.  Grand Rapids junior Shelagh Mulhall purchased her chestnut-colored leather jacket from Old Navy.

When asked about her personal style, Mulhall said, “I wear what I want, and I like to follow trends, but I like to have my own unique style.”

Mulhall says she typically pairs her leather jacket with scarves.

Leather can be used to spice up any outfit. Available in many different styles and colors, leather is a limitless addition to any wardrobe.