GC Tries the MunchPak Subscription Box: A Fun Twist on Snacking

Story by Ashley Schafer
Video by Lindsay Gerber

Eating the same thing day in and day out can be very mundane, especially for a college student who may have limited options – not to mention, means of transportation and funds are not always ideal, so accessing food and snacks may be difficult.

If you’re a college student who has tried every gas station snack there is and you’re seeking a little more excitement, maybe try out MunchPak, which can be sent right to your door.

What is it?
MunchPak is a subscription box that comes full of unique snacks and candies.

You’ll never run out of something to munch on, because MunchPak gives you the option to subscribe weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. There are various box sizes that range from 5+ to 20+ snacks.

MunchPak also gives the chance to customize your orders at $1 per customization. Here, you can account for allergies, preferences in flavor, and domesic or foreign snacks choices.

The foreign snacks are fun – they turn scarfing down a boring snack into a bit of an adventure. Most likely the package will be in a foreign language, meaning you’re basically going on a blind date with a snack, so an open-minded approach is ideal.

Each Munchpak is put together by a friendly employee. They choose the snacks carefully based on your recommendations and they even leave a customized note and MunchPak sticker that you’ll find tucked alongside your snacks like your lunches from mom in grade school.

MunchPak usually offers a discount on your first subscription box and it only takes a few days to arrive.

If you receive a snack that you’re dying to eat again, MunchPak offers all of their snacks on their online store. So, Stock up!

Grand Central puts MunchPak to the Test

Grand Central decided to be daring and choose all foreign snacks. We ordered the 5+ snack box and received two dollars off because it was our first box. Inside our box was the personalized note as promised, a MunchPak sticker and six different snacks and candies.

Our box included ketchup flavored chips from Delaware (the only snack that wasn’t foreign), hazelnut wafers from Austria, a cobb shaped corn puff from Japan, a honey and hazelnut candy bar from Croatia, a caramel filled “swoffle” from Holland and gummy candy that you can mold into cute animals, from Japan.

The Food and Beverage crew had a blast trying each new snack! We rated them on a scale from 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. We opened each item one by one, cautiously approaching the unexpected flavors and sharing our thoughts on them.

Overall, everyone rated the MunchPak a five out of five. It was such a fun experience that only left us waiting for our next box.