Georgia’s Style On My Mind

Southern fashion has always made a statement – from bright color schemes reflecting the South’s warm temperatures to the larger than life jewelry, it has a way of capturing its audience.

How can you not admire the beautiful women of the South? The pride they take in their appearance is inspiring.

As seasons change in the North, our color trends tend to change with them. With southern style, the color schemes stay consistent with the warm weather, making creams and pastels prevalent hues in fashion.

For an inside look into southern fashion, we caught up with Apparel Merchandising major, Taylor Gillespie. She spent her summer at The City Market in Savannah, Ga. working within the southern fashion industry.

Here is what she told Grand Central about the charismatic southern style she took on during her summer study.

Grand Central Magazine: What makes our style different from southern style?

Taylor Gillespie: When it comes to southern women, the style is really glitzy and focused on glamour.

The big gaudy jewelry is very popular and ruffles are a major trend happening there right now. Especially over the summer, I saw a lot of women incorporating ruffles into their daily wardrobe.

GC: What popular fabrics were used in your store?

TG: I was at a small boutique in The City Market called September. Our clothing consisted of mainly lace and rayon.

Lace is a major staple for most of the trends happening right now. Rayon is used most often mainly because of its light feel. The weather is always hot and it’s important to wear fabrics that help you stay cool.

GC: Were you able to see any fashion forecasts for the upcoming trends?

TG: Yes, my boss at September took me with her on her trip to the Atlanta Mart. This is basically a set of buildings full of vendors who you connect with so you can build business relationships and have their merchandise in your store.

The up-and-coming color of the season over the summer was a rich merlot wine color. A lot of girls have been wearing it here at Central Michigan University as well.