Get Your Art Fix in Mount Pleasant

Too often in our busy schedules, we are unable to appreciate the finer things in life.

Whether it’s opting for a fast food run instead of a home-cooked meal, or buying a ratty, hardly readable text book for $5 instead of a new one – it seems as if everything these days relies upon how much money is in your bank account. You want to see that new Ryan Gosling movie, but you understandably don’t want to spend $25 for just one ticket, a drink and popcorn to the movie theatre. You want to go out to eat, but everything semi-decent seems to have skyrocketed out of your price range.

Take a look at Grand Central’s list of local places that offer something you might not have considered – art. Whether you love it or hate it, these places are close by, cheap, (or in some cases, free) to go to and can coexist peacefully with your busy schedule.

College is meant to broaden your horizons, so try going to these places for a change of speed at a lower price.

University Art Gallery

On campus and easily reachable, the University Art Gallery features work by artists who were students at Central Michigan University at the time the work was created. Several annual exhibits take place here, including a faculty show, student show and the current exhibition, “Gender.”

Located right across from the Charles V. Park Library, it’s a convenient place to visit if you have a short gap between classes.

Main Frame Gallery

Located in the heart of downtown Mount Pleasant, the Main Frame Gallery boasts Native American sculpture, contemporary fine art, pottery, handmade jewelry from Michigan artists and much more.

Whenever downtown, window shopping calls your name, don’t forget to put the Main Frame on your list.

Baber Room in the Library

A severely underrated spot on campus, the Baber Room at the Charles V. Park Library is a place where students can study and admire the artwork of Michigan artists simultaneously. The calm and quiet atmosphere is perfect for last minute exam cramming while the artwork brings some color to the otherwise bland room.

The Baber Room’s current exhibition is the work of “colorist” artist Kathy Jones.

The Dreamer

A newly opened student-owned coffee shop just north of campus that features not only an extensively delicious menu, but also very personal and intimate atmosphere. The art of Josie Seebeck, a CMU student that passed away in 2012, is featured on the walls of The Dreamer, as well as many other student works.

The Dreamer also has a “Friends”-esque Central Perk vibe, which makes it easy to kick back with friends after long days of classes and obligations.

The Painted Turtle Pottery Studio

The Painted Turtle on Broadway St. brings back a sense of childhood nostalgia to students, who can make and decorate their pieces with no creative limitations. In addition, the Painted Turtle offers “wine painting parties” for anyone who’s 21-or-older and wants to kick off their evening with a twist.

From bowls and plates to vases and small figurines, anyone of any age can find something to create here that will satisfy the inner child within.

Art Reach of Mid-Michigan

The cool thing about Art Reach is that it’s not an actual place, but an organization. The organization’s Mid-Michigan branch is known to organize many of the art related events throughout Mount Pleasant, such as Art Walk Central and Pumpkin Promenade.

Art Reach also offers step-by-step painting parties each month for people to take, with discounted student fees (cough, cough, wink, wink).